Learn to Work Lead Manage Remotely

Brainiup Digital learning programs help your employees build their virtual working skills.

Virtual Training

Live short modules delivered through interactive video sessions & asynchronous microlearning through the Brainiup Platform

Virtual Team Building

Online team simulations that mimic the decision making process of virtual teams, to raise awareness and practice skills


Very short snippets of information delivered through our Brainiup Learning Platform, through text messages or e-mail


People Analytics

Special projects that generate data and insights into development areas for teams & individuals to help managers plan for the future

How the Four Types of Services Interact

Microlearning modules and People Analytics projects can be added to Virtual Learning and E-Team Development programs or can be deployed as stand-alone programs.

Digital storytelling

We use digital storytelling to keep people engaged during the live sessions and the asynchronous snippets (microlearning).

Game Mechanics

We deploy simple & more complex game mechanics to create interesting puzzles and problems that participants need to solve in order to gain new insights.

Dripping content

One of the most important virtual learning mechanics is dripping content, where information is automatically spaced-out in a time interval to keep learners focused and interested.

social learning

Instead of uni-directional learning (from trainer and program to the learners), we use multi-directional insights through forums where people contribute their own ideas to the benefit of everybody.

Learning Mechanics

Engagement in the virtual world is very difficult to achieve formally, so we deploy a set of tools that are not usually used in learning, but are sure to keep people involved and connected.

You want to know more about digital learning?

We send ideas, guides and resources from time to time. We also announce new courses once a month.



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